Thursday, August 5, 2010

A house full of visitors

It's been a busy summer for us so you'll have to forgive the lack of blogging. First we traveled for several weeks to attend a wedding. Then we headed to the Kenyan coast for a week to attend a SIL conference with colleagues. Upon returning to Uganda in mid-July, we found Terrill's sister, Laura, waiting for us. More about Laura later. We just spent a wonderful three weeks with her. Time with family is precious and cannot be taken for granted. With Laura loaded into our Patrol, we headed northeast to Kaabong and showed her a good portion of the country. We arrived 'home' on the 19th of July and prepared for six more visitors the following day. Most of them were expected. :) Our good friends, Jacob & Georgia Reed, came over for a visit and brought a friend of theirs, Chris. Mutual friends, Tom & Jean Reed, showed up later in the afternoon with their new teammate, Ryan. We spent a week together at the Baptist mission. There was a constant flow of chatting and plans. We laughed, we cried, we envisioned a future together. Some of those who were visiting are planning on returning to Kaabong full-time to work as missionaries among the Karamojong. You can pray for their preparation and quick return. The Lord knows that we're excited to have other missionaries nearby. It was such a huge blessing to spend so much time with like-minded people. Below is how the kitchen looked most of the time. Hey...with nine people utilizing it...what would you expect. :) Our visitors were so gracious to help us with dishes each and every day. Jean, Georgia, Laura & I were the women of the Baptist mission for this week in history. It was also a treat to take the visitors up to Timu where we're currently working & living. They helped us open up our houses after a month and clean out the spiders.
Ryan, Tom, Jean, Georgia, Jacob & Chris. All good-hearted people who love Kaabong & the Karamojong. Can't wait for a reunion!


The Reeds said...

Thanks for being so gracious with us! I can't believe we're already gone. It's like I stepped back two years then have been pulled back to the present. teaching. :( Hope you guys are doing well.

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