Friday, August 6, 2010

A gift of maize

Take a good look at this man. On Sunday afternoon, we passed through his garden on our hike to another part of the escarpment. He decided to come with us and be our guide. But before we walked any further, he wanted us to sit down and have roasted maize with him. His wife had a small fire going and had five ears of maize ready to be eaten. I was shocked. This was the first time an Ik had offered me food. I didn't even know this man's name. I hadn't seen him very often and he hadn't come for frequent visits to our house...but he offered me food. Who says there's no kindness and sharing among the Ik? Colin Turnbull, who wrote The Mountain People and described the Ik during a famine...obviously had never encountered the Ik during a harvest. We discovered that they share if they have something to share. Since Sunday, several more Ik have stopped by my house to drop off gifts of maize...the first fruits of their harvest. What a blessing to see this side of their culture. If you think of it, please thank the Lord for this man & his family today. Pray God's best for their lives. They've shown us a kindness. They shared maize and we shared beef jerky. They said it tasted very 'sweet'.
After our snack, our guide and another good friend, Lojore Philip took us on a trail that lead to a marvelous view of the Rift Valley and the border of Uganda & Kenya. Lojore sat with Terrill and explained the names of the multiple ridges that lay between our escarpment and Kenya. He could probably tell a story about each ridge and how they got their names. The Ik amaze me with their memory of dates and names.
And this was the goal of our walk: to view the the Rift Valley from yet another angle. Is this part of God's world gorgeous or what?


The Reeds said...

Absolutely beautiful! I bet grilled maize never tasted so good.

You're even sharing your jerky with your neighbors! You get a gold star!

velma said...

Wonderful!! It certainly has to be heartening amidst all the begging. a heartwarming entry in your blog!!

ChadandRachel said...

Surprised by goodness. The best kind of surprise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the view is truly amazing. And, so is your story.