Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthdays & Bonding

Yesterday was Terrill's 30th birthday. We spent it with the Ik. There is probably no place else he would have preferred to be...although he might have liked a steak for dinner. But, he settled for pumpkin soup and peanut butter cookies and was a content guy in the midst of a pretty regular day. This is something I really appreciate about my husband. No matter what life hands him, he chooses contentment. So even though we had a busy morning with lots of visitors, even though he made countless cups of tea for people, even though there was no nice restaurant for his birthday dinner...he was happy.

Living in a remote area, we have to prepare for special days in advance. Whenever we're in Kampala, I ask Terrill what he'd like for the next holiday. He's usually full of ideas...being a visionary as he is. This year, he wanted a dart order that he might find some male bonding moments with the Ik. Saying that the dart board has been a success would be an understatement. Since we put it up, we've had men come almost every day requesting to play. It's not a foreign thing to them. Several have seen a dart board in a hoteli (restaurant/bar/hotel) somewhere or other. We're going to have to be strategic about when to let people play and for how long or else our compound will resemble a hoteli. We also don't want to encourage idleness in the men of Timu. Playing darts would give them an excuse to neglect their duties and leave more work to the women. One of the first games was played with Pastor Jacob (of the Pentecostal Church here) and his associate, Vincent.
Jacob is in red and Vincent in the green fleece. They concocted a plan to have a tournament on Sunday afternoons. We decided it would be fun to have a prize for the winner. For this game, Vincent was the very first person to get a bull's eye and we prized him with a bottle of coke. They couldn't wipe the grins off their faces.

What's next....Terrill's dreaming of tetherball...or soccer...or volleyball games with the Ik. As long as we're bonding, I guess it doesn't really matter what we play with them.

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Notinthewild said...

Sounds like a typical Terillian birthday!