Saturday, May 15, 2010

Church planting in Timu

We've been busy this spring with visitors. A few weeks ago some new friends from AIM (Africa Inland Mission) came for a visit. We took them up to Timu and showed them both sides of the mountain, both Lokinene and a place called Kapalu. When getting to Kapalu, we were delighted to hear about a new church being started there. An Ik man named Zachary has just finished seminary and has returned to Kapalu to lead a congregation. He is with the Church of Uganda (Anglican). At first, Zachary was leading prayers on benches under a large tree. Now his congregation has erected a small building to meet under. This will protect them from rain. They may also put mud on the walls as a protection from wind. We thank God for another church among the Ik. This is just one more opportunity for the gospel to be preached. You can pray that the people of Kapalu will come to know the Lord. You can also pray that Christians will be sent to this place to encourage the church and disciple believers. The new meeting place is above, the old meeting place is below.
The landscape is even more striking from Kapalu. This is near some villages known as Tulutul.

The man to the right is named Lochiyo Gabriel. He is one of the more educated Ik men around and the brother of Pastor Zachary. Gabriel is also an elected government official for the Ik. Pray that he can lead them wisely and have opportunities to do good for his people.

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Tammy On the Go said...

I need to get back on my letter writing...wanted you to know, Joshua went home to be with Jesus last week. It's been a rough weekend. thanks for praying...