Thursday, April 1, 2010


We arrived in Lokinene (Timu) three days ago. The road was badly washed out by rain, but otherwise we had no trouble. It was exciting to learn of a new road that has recently been blazed through the 'bush'. It's a short cut to Timu.

When we opened the doors to our house, we had a few surprises waiting for us. The first was the thick layer of dust covering everything. We promptly got to washing and sweeping (and are still doing it three days later).

The second big surprise was the population of mice that had taken up residence as our houseguests while we were gone. Or maybe we should think of them as house-sitters or renters. In any case, they had taken over the premises. In the last three days we've killed about ten baby mice and about that many adults of various sizes. (Our other house had a number of shrew-like rodents with tiny eyes and long snouts...go figure). The grossest part of the ordeal was finding the mouse nest behind our bookcase. Mama mouse took off running (we caught her last night) with one baby. Meanwhile the other babies scattered as we swiped at them with a broom. Rather grim business, if you ask me.

Our yard was also quite overgrown, but an older gentleman named Luka has been doing a wonderful job of 'lawn care' over the last two days. Soon it will be in tip top shape.

Despite these house-warming challenges, we are thrilled to be back on the ridgetop in our quaint little hobbit house.


Justin and Hannah Gingerich said...

What a welcome!! We miss you guys...glad u r safe and getting settled in.

The Reeds said...

Always lovely! (ha). Tom and Jean always covered everything (but the floor) with old sheets when they left to make clean up easier. I tried it once in Kaabong and felt it wasn't as necessary (did you?)- but maybe your hobbit house is different!??

Glad your back and sound so happy. A blessed blessed Easter to you guys.

Tammy On the Go said...

hopefully you are able to get a good laugh rather than a cry over it you!

velma said...

eeeeekk!! wonder if we could get you some plug ins that are supposed to rid you of mice. I'm so proud of you all. Glad you made it safe.
He is risen!! May you have a wonderful Easter!!

Janice said...

Yuck. . hope the mice stay away!! Glad you made it home :)