Monday, March 22, 2010

The Road Home

Our trip back to Kaabong was uneventful and pleasant, just like we wanted it to be. We drove north for seven hours then east into the beauty of Karamoja. It took about 12 hours total. Thank God for safe roads and no vehicle trouble. The day started out cloudy but ended sunny. My left arm got burned where it was hanging out the window. I'm not used to such intense sun after being in the cold U.S. for three months.
We started out from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. We both thought it was funny that cows get to hold up traffic even in the city.
We were also amused by the public swimming area that Kampala had to offer.
On the nicely paved road to Gulu, we met these school children either walking from/to school at 10am in the morning. We can't quite figure out their schedules.
The road to Gulu was green and only had 10 speed improvement from the hundreds of speed bumps we had to deal with just a year ago.
We turned east at a place called Kitgum and we left the tarmac. This is the most beautiful part of the drive. The colors in the countryside are vivid and the mountains loom around us. It was still fairly green in this place.
Upon enterning Karamoja, we begin to see the huge granite formations.
Then we get past the green fields and reach Kaabong district. Dry and sparse...but home. The road was straight for miles. We felt at peace about being here.
This was a welcome sign. Five minutes from home.
We entered Kaabong to find it bustling still at 6pm. I know it doesn't look bustling, but it is for Kaabong.
Just another kilometer and we'll be home

The red roofs in the distance welcomed us. The dogs were barking their heads off and the spiders in our house were retreating. It's nice to finally unpack our suitcase, settle in and put our feet up.


The Reeds said...

I love all of these pictures! I'm so glad the dogs were there waiting for you.. It's so good to know they're okay.

Cassidy said...

Thank you for posting the photo journey home. It brings back the sweetest and strongest of memories for me. The ride to Gulu was misty when we took it, and laden when a million speed bumps. I loved the photo of the Kitgum scape, as well as the rock formations. I am fully convinced that heaven has lots of African flavor. Love and hugs, Cass