Saturday, March 27, 2010


Last Sunday we spent time with MedAir and MSF (NGO's) friends by climbing up a small mountain called Kakamar. I was not as in shape as I'm supposed to be and I felt the climb in my muscles for three days. One side of the mountain actually has rock-climbing opportunities. It took me about 30 minutes to climb up from the base of the mountain...and I was one of the slow ones. I felt the altitude hit my lungs near the top. My steps got slower and my breathing more labored. Thankfully, there were lots of spots to sit and rest...and to enjoy the view.

On top of the mountain were a few trees that we can actually see from our house in Kaabong. Terrill's first endeavor on top was to climb the biggest tree.

Rebecca is another friend I've made through MedAir that I'll have to say good-bye to this week. It's been nice while it lasted. MedAir is officially leaving Kaabong this week.

A view from the top.

Looking down at a village at the base of the mountain. This village is most likely made up of one family cluster (extended family included). The middle 'empty' area is where animals used to be kept. They must now keep their animals in a corral with everyone else's animals.

It was a pleasant climb, but one I'll want to do with sunscreen on the back of my neck next time. We just can't get away from the beauty of Karamoja.


The Reeds said...

So sad MedAir is leaving... I'm sorry for that. We'll be lifting you up as they leave. I drove past a street called "Kapok" the other day.. What are the chances of that? And my nephew had a standardized test reading selection on... wait for it.. the Karamajong!!! What is up with that??

Tammy On the Go said...

so beautiful (the photos)
love you girl

Leslie said...

Been spending a little time seeing what you two have been up to. Love you!

Cassidy said...

I love it!