Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Farewell to Medair

Here we are at our 'last supper' with Phil, Rebecca, and Chris from Medair. Medair is a Christian humanitarian organization based in Switzerland. They have been doing health, sanitation, and water supply projects in Kaabong since 2006 but have to leave now due to a shortage in funding.

Amber and I have seen quite a few Medair people come and go just in the two short years we've been here. We've appreciated getting to know many of them and making great friends. Medair has been a source of companionship and stability in our Karamoja experience, and we will really feel this loss. Medair was there for us after we had an armed robbery in 2008. Soon thereafter Medair moved into our compound to be our neighbors and have been there since August 2008.

Medair, thanks for all you've done to make the lives of the Karamojong better, and thanks for all you've done for us. We will miss you!


The Reeds said...

I'm so sad! We'll especially be lifting you up now... Can't wait for summer.

velma said...

i'm so sad. who is going to live in their house now??