Monday, January 11, 2010

On the road again...

We've been on the road since December 28th. Our travels started when we drove west to Dallas & Lubbock, Texas. Our time in Lubbock was special because we reunited with old friends from Uganda. Jacob & Georgia Reed had lived in Kaabong and introduced us to the area when we first arrived in the spring of 2008. Their friendship & support has been encouraging these past two years because they understand our situation personally. We spent New Years Eve with Jacob & Georgia and reminisced our time in Uganda.

While in Lubbock, they took us to a couple of their favorite joints. West Crust Pizza is artsy and unique. They blend interesting flavors to make mouth-watering pizza; this was our first taste of pizza in the states. Thanks guys!

From Lubbock, we headed east towards Oklahoma City. On the way, we were fascinated by these large windmills. They seemed almost alien to us. I bet one of these could power a whole town in northern Uganda.

We were also fascinated by the ice dripping down these rocks in Missouri. There wasn't much snow in this area but the low was 5 degrees that night.

One of the most interesting places to pass through was St.Louis, Missouri. Neither of us remembered having driven through St. Louis before. It's got character.

After St. Louis, we found ourselves driving towards Indianapolis. The snowy farms of Indiana were beautiful and picturesque, although the cows did look cold. We also saw five deer grazing near the road that evening. As we approached Columbus, the snow and ice pounded our windshield and made it difficult to see through. We're definitely not used to driving in this weather. Thank God that the roads were clear and not too icy.
This river in Indiana was starting to ice but was not fully frozen yet even though the temperature was 18 degrees.

We awoke in Columbus, Ohio to a fresh layer of snow. We can appreciate the beauty but it's too cold for these Africans.

Being in Ohio always brings back good memories from my childhood. I began the first 12 years of my life here in Holmes County. My (Amber's) grandmother & some extended family still live here and give me an excuse to return often. We look forward to Amish cheeses and homemade doughnuts. It's a funny thing. The snow kept getting deeper as we traveled east into Pennsylvania but the temperature went up. It's been 27 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night. We headed to Bellefonte, PA where Terrill's brother, Chad, and family live.

It's currently snowing as we head back to Ohio to be with my grandmother. We just realized that the windshield wiper fluid is not spraying correctly. This could be a problem if we need to clean the window of all the snow, dirt and ice. Pray for safety this afternoon.


Oliver said...

Great update, thanks!
And greetings from Nairobi on the occasion of "international de-lurking week" :)

Leslie said...

Looks like you are having a great time on your US Tour! :)

Tammy On the Go said...

can't wait to hear from you again