Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Gingerich Christmas Recap

A huge incentive for coming home this Christmas was to meet my nephew (Cristian) for the first time. It's hard to be 8000 miles away and not be able to watch him grow up, so I try to cherish each moment I have with him. He reminds me of a little Josh walking around (my brother, Josh, for those of you who don't know him). There's nothing quite like a Christmas spent with a child; experiencing the joy of unwrapping their first presents and liking the paper more than the gift. Cristian and my sister-in-law, Amanda, are working on the first present below.

Another treat is sharing nostalgic moments with my family. Everyone knows that mom will unwrap each gift slowly and with sensitivity. She'll admire what she's got and thank everyone excessively before starting on another gift. Dad, on the other hand, will be tearing at the wrapping (just enough to peek) before we even get started. They are two of a kind who somehow make a marriage work. I thank God for Christian parents who've taught me how to love and be part of a family.

Terrill & I are similar to my mom & dad. He tears open a present while I linger a little longer. Somehow we make it work too...by the grace of God, I'm sure.

There was nothing better this Christmas than sharing life with my family. We ate frosted sugar cookies and chex mix. The girls went out to do last minute shopping. The guys played Wii. Mom ran after her first grandbaby. Dear friends came over to play games. The tree was lit. The music was loud. We read from Luke 2. Being a family was a gift that we all shared.


Tammy said...

can't wait to have you for dinner soon!

The Reeds said...

Yay! What great posts!!

Leslie said...

You forgot to mention that you saw MWAH!! :) I hope we get to see you guys again before you leave.