Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Brisket

The barbeque beef brisket my mother baked for us two years ago for Christmas (Jesus' birthday of course) left such a favorable impression on us that it was our meat of choice this Christmas...at both the Gingerich AND the Schrock family celebrations. Once again, the succulent slices of pure, juicy tastiness succeeded in satisfying us all (Amber's corn fritters being the perfect accompaniment!).

Unfortunately, my brother Chad, his wife Rachel, and their baby Toby weren't able to join us this year, but tomorrow, if the snow isn't too bad, we'll meet up with them in PA. For Christmas in Mobile, that left us, my parents, and my sister Laura.

Many rounds of "Settlers of Catan" were played during the week. If you know my (Terrill) general dislike for table games, you may understand why everyone broke out in a round of applause when I agreed to play...

Coming home to celebrate Christmas with our families was a huge reason why we decided to return after two years in Uganda. We would like to settle into a 21-months-on-the-field followed by a 4-months-in-the-States routine. That would give us 1 month home for every 6 months abroad.

After getting over our original bout of sickness, we improved enough to enjoy socializing (though I came down with a second cold on the way to Texas). Thanks to everyone who whispered a prayer for our health. I wrote in my journal yesterday: "I fear no cold. I fear no flu".

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Leslie said...

So glad you are enjoying so much time with family. Seems like you are doing a great job of savoring it!