Sunday, October 11, 2009


In Timu, at night, it is QUIET. Before, I thought our place in Kaabong was quiet. No TVs, no radios, no traffic, no machines, no airplanes, no refrigerator, no air-conditioner, no nothing. Now having spent four nights in Timu, I realized that Kaabong nights are noisy by comparison: an occasional vehicle coming in the night, dogs barking in neighboring villages, our dogs barking, bugs bumping against our ceiling, mice scampering across our attic, wind banging our Venetian blinds against the wall. In Timu however, the silence, like the darkness in our little hut, is almost touchable. It is like a silky, black veil draped over our senses. Fortunately, for us, so far, the silence is not laced with fear, as it has been at times in Kaabong. It is a soothing, intoxicating quietude that invites sleep. Even though the hush is sometimes tinged with the cry of a nightjar, or the stirring of our dogs, the gentle pressure of pure soundlessness keeps covering us like a soft blanket. Let us pray that one day the Ik can enjoy the quietness of their homeland without the fear of robbers in the night.

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Bylers said...

Praise JESUS for the peaceful quiet!