Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mzungus on the Mountain

We've officially spent our first night in Timu! We were praying for the soldiers to return to the barracks at Lokinene (the villages of Timu where we live). We'd gone to a security official in Kaabong to request some security measures in Lokinene. We'd heard no response and didn't know anything for sure. We started traveling up to Timu yesterday in faith. As we passed through the last Karamojong village on the way to Timu, we saw soldiers headed in the same direction. We stopped and talked to a commander that we knew and he said they'd been restationed back to Lokinene and that he knew we needed their presence here. We thank God for his timing and for using the army's presence to keep us safe & secure. We hadn't told anyone we were coming up and the compound was quiet yesterday afternoon, allowing us to get set-up. I got the kitchen in working order so that we could fix meals for ourselves. Terrill tinkered with the solar panels and said a few prayers. Within an hour, he had them working. We thank God for being able to use lights at night and to charge our computers during the day. Today we're having water being brought from the borehole (well) in the valley beneath our compound. Women & young girls carry 20 liter jerry cans on their heads up and down the hill. Terrill & Ron just held their first session of collecting words from a group of Ik. 30 or so men gathered on the side of a rocky outcropping above our compound. Our Ik language helper, Philip, guided the discussions and wrote the words.
We went up to the rocky outcropping above our compound to watch the sun set last evening. We could see lightning & rain to the south, forest fires to the west, and a full golden moon rising over the Kenyan mountains to the north. The sky is so close, the stars a little brighter, and the world more vast. We thank God that Ron & Beth are here to experience this with us. Having friends around brings a sense of familiarity and peace to an otherwise overwhelming situation.

The first meal in our 'bush' house was a chick pea curry with rice, topped off with sweet tea. We're southerners...after all.
Stay tuned for more adventure, prayer requests, and answers to prayer in the coming days.

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Tammy On the Go said...

wow, this is incredible..I just soak up these photos!