Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet some Ik

Meet Lojore Philips. He has been a good friend of ours since we first visited Lokinene last year. He will be some of our Ik 'family'. This week and next week Lojore is moving his village (manyatta, or small cluster of houses) up to the top of the ridge where our houses are. Our manyattas will be separated by a couple hundred feet of rocky outcroppings where we will sit together in the evening and watch for 'enemies' crossing the valley below. Lojore's main occupation is farming, but he also dabbles in mechanics and has shown interest in getting more training in some kind of mechanics. He likes to use tools of all kinds.

Meet Nakoru Lucia, Lojore's wife. Like Lojore, Lucia has always welcomed us in Lokinene. She has borne four or five children (we're still getting that figured out!). She spends most days fetching water from the well in the valley, taking care of young children, grinding grain for flour, and cooking one or two meals a day. We look forward to getting to know her better when we become real neighbors in the next couple of weeks!