Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where the rubber meets the...wood?

We think, pray, talk, dream...etc. about traveling and road safety over here in Uganda. In our orientation two years ago, they told us traveling was the most dangerous activity we'd be involved in. Since coming here, Amber and I have covered thousands of miles, mostly in our trusty Nissan Patrol. We are thankful to many of you for praying for our safety. I've been stopped four or five times by the Police, each time for breaking a real traffic law (!). (I assure you, my traffic record in the US was nearly perfect. :) There's just something about driving in another country.)So far we haven't been involved in any accidents, apart from bending a door backward when backing through a gate with a the door open.

Until last Saturday, we'd gone 18 months in Uganda without a single flat tire. Then, on Saturday, we had two in one day! Reaching Timu that day, air was escaping around a screw that had been driven into a back tire. The Ik eagerly helped me change the tire. On the way back, the spare tire caught a jagged piece of wood and blew out in less than 30 seconds. A large crowd of Dodoth children started to gather around, so I asked Amber to please entertain them while we changed the tire. They were certainly entertained by having their pictures taken and shown to them. We had no choice but to put the original flat tire back on the truck and stop every mile or two and pump it up again. We 'limped' the 15-odd miles back to Kaabong. Despite the rude surprise of having two flats in one afternoon, all I could do was smile and be grateful for this chance to live in Africa and taste the out-of-control side of life.

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Cassidy said...

What a bizarre day! I love the sweet perspective God is giving you guys. I also love imagining that dusty road to Timu and wondering where abouts all this occurred.