Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday with Susi & the Ik

This weekend we were blessed to have our language programs supervisor come up to Kaabong for a visit. Although Susi could only be with us for three days, we're trying to make the best of the time. Thus, our Saturday was spent with the Ik. They always like to welcome visitors and meeting Susi was no exception.

Even the smallest children turned out to meet & greet us. Some awake, others having a nap..
We're seeing more progress on our compound and it looks almost livable. This is the water tank that we'll either fill from a well (down the hill) or store rainwater within.

I had a need for a structure to put my kitchen sink into and the builder produced this result within two days of my telling him the need.
This is the guest house toilet, esp. made for those with trouble squatting. A work of art in the eyes of some...we must be in Africa for too long...:)
This is our long-drop latrine toilet, for those that are up for a challenge.

Aleper. The precocious daughter of our cook. Can you see it in her eyes?
A chicken being held captive at our site. Dinner for someone.
An Ik girl grinds corn on a grinding stone.
Fresh corn (maize) and laundry dry together in the sun...what a combination.
Susi visited an Ik village with us that overlooks Kenya.
What a privilege it was to have one of our supervisors take the time & effort to get involved in this way. Besides having a great group of supporters back in the states, we have co-workers in Bible Translation who are standing beside us in this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to wash dishes in that sink some day!!! Things are looking good. So glad Susi was able to visit, I know that meant a lot. I enjoyed this post so much. Love you,Mary.

The Reeds said...

I think that toilet DOES look beautiful! I'm glad you had a visitor and it was a good visit.

We're praying for you guys always, and always praying for our next steps to be clear.

I hate that we crossed paths only to leave us both alone up there for so long...

but He knows where we're all headed and how it will work out!!! Pray for us also that we know how to use this time in the States wisely and how to plan for our next stage in life.

Tammy On the Go said...

you look adorable Amber.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the work you do. I heard about it from Bob C, who visited the work in India where I lived a short time after his trip there. He had wonderful things to say about all that God is doing through you. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Father, and the Ik people. ~ Elizabeth