Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Greasing' & 'Spraying'

Our mechanic reminded me when we were in Entebbe that it's good to 'grease' our truck on a regular basis. Slight oversight on my part. I took the truck to a service station the next morning. Greasing involves injecting grease into various moving parts on the underside of a vehicle. This helps prevent wear and tear. I watched the guy do the greasing, and then he proceeded to ask whether I wanted 'spraying' as well. Hmmm...I thought, 'greasing & spraying' sounds like some kind of routine maintenance, so I agreed. To my horror, the guy took an air-hose and a quart of motor oil and started spraying motor oil all over the moving parts under the vehicle. After getting over my initial confusion, I told him to stop and asked him why one would do such a thing. He said "to get rid of the squeaks". Okay. Whatever. Aside from making a terrible mess, I wondered if their weren't better ways of lubricating, perhaps more strategically. Unfortunately, on our trip back up to Kaabong we discovered that 'spraying' not only gets rid of squeaks, but if you're not careful, it will get rid of an assortment of nuts, bolts, and expensive parts. Ten hours into our trip, the truck developed a worrying bumping sound. As it got worse, we pulled over and I applied my extensive and enviable knowledge of mechanics (not) but didn't find anything. That's when we literally prayed ourselves the rest of the way to Kaabong. Several times since then, I've had to get under the truck and tighten nuts and bolts. But today, Medair was kind enough to let me use their service bay, where hopefully I was able to exercise enough torque to keep us out of trouble.