Sunday, September 20, 2009

Death of a Papaya Tree & Other News

This was our healthy papaya tree in January. Below is how the papaya trees now look. Whether it's lack of rain, termites or some disease...our trees are dying. We had some sprinkles of rain yesterday morning but nothing materialized into a full-blown shower.

We awoke on Saturday morning to this sad sight. A papaya tree had fallen during the night. This is the third papaya tree to die this year. Pray that we figure out what is killing them. Trees are precious in Kaabong.
Termites killed this papaya in July.
On to happier news: we had a girl's night on Friday. The MedAir gals came to join us for pizza-making, eating & some Pride & Prejudice.
Beth, Fiona, Sarah & I made five pizza (shared some with the boys, 11 people total). We made a mess but there were four of us to clean up.

This is the most recent house picture. We've put a walkway in front of the door that slants south so that rain won't flood our house.

The yard is cleaned up and it's almost livable. We're going to Timu again tomorrow to clean and paint. We hope to move the furniture up within a week. There is still solar work to be done, plumbing, and a water system to set up...but it's coming along and we praise God for how far we've come.


Tammy On the Go said...

we prayed for you in church today. Loved hearing you spoken of in church. Got the card, love it! It's on the shelf in Elizabeth's room, nest to Stripes now. Can't wait to see you.\\
the handy work on the house is beautiful.

The Reeds said...

Oh sad papayas! Some met their demise for no reason with us too... And the big cactus tree used to be healthy and one day- it just collapsed... I hope you can find out what's going on!!

The girl's night looks awesome!

And so does your house.. can't wait to see it some day!

Anonymous said...

Poor Papayas! well I should say poor you, no yummy papayas from those trees. But the pizza looks great and so do all you gals. I know that was one of the highlights of that week. The house is looking really good. Love and miss you both.

Notinthewild said...

The death of the papaya trees is very sad. But the pictures provide a stunning visual chronicle of their demise.