Friday, August 14, 2009


Women standing outside the gate and observing progress.
An Ik man, Gabriel, who hopes to sell us his aggregate pile.

My friend, Lemu, begs for a photo. This hill behind our house is full of rocks that people break to make aggregate to sell us.
Our cook, Veronica, stirs a pot of atap (posho). The equivalent to this might be cornmeal mush. She is an educated Ik woman who lived in Kenya with her husband until he died this past year. She packed her bags and moved back to the mountains. She will most likely be a language assistant for me as her English is excellent.
Our small cooking hut, situated right outside our compound fence.
Freshly-cut grass that will get put into a thatch roof in the next three days. The men have arrived from Abim (3 hours south of Kaabong) to make us a special roof. We liked the roof they put on our house so much that we invited them back to complete the guest house roof.
One of the men prepares bamboo for the structure of the roof by skinning off the outer layer.

Beginning of the latrine area for the guest house. The back door leads into this area and a shower/bucket bath room will be added beside the latrine.
Freshly plastered steps that lead into our house from the front door.
Freshly plastered guest house with new doors & windows.
Beginning of the bathroom for our house. The back door leads into this rocky latrine & shower area.
Back door of our house, as seen from the inside.
Inside our house, plastered walls & floor. This is the kitchen area, bordered by a partition wall that separates our bedroom from the rest of the house.


ikpeople said...

Ilakasima koteere kaenika hekesie bi -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRILL:)

Janice said...

Looks good! I'd love to try out your guest house. . . .but somehow I don't see that happening any time soon :)