Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Missing our Friends

Larry, Mary & Cassidy have been gone from us for a week now but I'm still processing all that we talked about and experienced together. It was nice to see familiar faces every day for two weeks. It was nice to share a part of our lives with them and know that they've gone home understanding the work a little better. It was nice to strengthen our bonds of friendship through joys and tears. Through our many discussions, I {Amber} was personally challenged to reflect upon our purpose in Uganda once again. I don't want to do work just for the sake of doing work....nor good just for the sake of doing good. I want the work and the good to speak of something bigger than myself. I want the imprint of Christ upon what we're doing. I've also reflected more upon how important clear & effective communication is in the message of the gospel. The work seems to start with learning a peoples' heart language and reaching out to them that way. I'm finding that it's difficult and frustrating to rush ahead and start the work without learning about the people and culture through the language first. What a blessing it is to have friends who bring our thoughts back to Christ and his message!

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