Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doors & Windows

On Friday, we started another journey up to Timu to check on our builders and to supply them with food & hardware. We discovered that they had installed all the windows and two of the doors. We were very satisfied with the work. They are also starting a process of plastering around the doors/windows/and between the thatch roof and wall. This is important to keep rodents and reptiles out of the house. While taking pictures of the work, some Ik young people watched me attentively through the window.
As Terrill proceeded to instruct the builders of what he wanted done next, I ventured off to pay some people. First, we had to pay for honey that was brought to us previously. We're still putting the honey in buckets and taking it down to Kampala when we get the chance. Next I had to attend to those who had worked for us during the week. I paid four women to gather firewood and bring it to the cooking hut for future cooking needs. I paid ten women to take jerry cans down the hill and gather water from a well...and then to bring them back up to our building site. They deserved every penny for that kind of work. The builders use the water to make cement. I paid several men who have been doing manual labor in mixing the cement and handing it to the builders. I paid some old women for letting us use their beans and tea when the cook ran out of these supplies and needed more. At one point I brought out a bag of clothing that Larry, Mary & Cassidy had brought for us to give away. I was going to let the Ik buy some of the clothes cheaply. Utter chaos ensued. I guess this is what happens when you don't have much. They crowded around us and clothes started to fly. At least most of them were honest enough to pay for what they were taking out of the pile. It was like a garage sale on steroids. I narrowly escaped with my sanity and Terrill got us out of the compound as quickly as possible...but not without first loading up more honey, three Ik women and their corn (going for grinding), and a Karamojong man. We had to turn down four chickens that the women wanted to take. We've cleaned up enough chicken 'mess' to know better. Terrill also pulled several Ik women out of the vehicle after telling them that there wasn't enough room and them getting in on the other side of the car against his will. We just have to smile at them in hindsight. We're going to try to relax this weekend and recover from the craziness of it all. Back to Timu on Tuesday...

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Cassidy said...

I wish I could spell this correctly, but I know you will that garage saling of sorts.

The house is looking lovely.