Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clouds But No Rain

As we drove home from Timu yesterday, clouds covered the sky. We were coming down a mountain and could see rain to the west but it didn't quite reach Kaabong. The grass remains dry and brittle. We continue to pray that some rain will fall this year and give the Karamojong/Ik a renewed hope.


*j. said...

* yo yo...i'm a friend of katie and ryan oelschlager, who i believe have friends that just came and visited y' husband scott and i are going to kampala and then bundibugyo...we leave tomorrow (8/9/09) and will be in kampala for 4 weeks and then to bundibugyo...if y'all are in the kampala area, please do give a shout. :) cheers, jane ickes -

Martha Schmidt said... many days the clouds just seem to miss Kaabong. A much too common scarnario. We pray the rains come soon. Please greet our friends there.
Thanks for blogging....

PS Love your new house!! So cute!

Tammy On the Go said...

I just got caught up on all these post and I really miss you both.

"Stripes" is doing well and settling in nicely next to "STan"

Eric and Theresa Camil said...

Hope you both are doing well. Happy Birthday, Terrill !!!

Love, Eric and Theresa