Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls is a drop-off along the Nile River in Uganda where the entire water volume of the Nile drops several hundred feet, and at one point, is jetted through a rock cauldron only 14 ft. wide! Surrounding this stretch of the river is a large game park by the same name. This was one of our first destinations with our friends from Florida. I think the power and violence of the river through the narrow gash in the rocks has left an impression on all of us.


Shane & Mel Sinclair said...

Hey Guys:) Great to see you; would be nice if in person :(
I really appreciate the hard work you are doing and I’m always inspired. Mel is well and Bethany is now out of the brace :)
You both look really well. Shane

Sam Beer said...

I am a linguistics student at the University of Oklahoma, and I returned to the United States from Uganda a few days ago. I spent a month and a half doing fieldwork in Soo with a fellow OU linguistics student named Amber McKinney. Since Ik appears to be the only language related to Soo, we would like to hear some of what you have found in Ik and perhaps share what we learned in our short time on Mount Moroto. If you could email me at when you have time, I would be greatly appreciative.
--sam beer and Amber McKinney

Robin Green said...

Hey, guys! How can I get in touch with you?

Victoria Parker Lawrence said...

Hi Amber & Terrill,
I was intrigued to hear about your work and life in Uganda after reading the "In Focus" newsletter from Wycliffe and here on your blog. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse in Oregon (hoping to earn my BSN within the next couple years). My dream is do what you are doing now -- sharing the Love of Christ, in word and deed, through meeting people's physical needs. I am encouraged by your words and actions to love others in His Name. Life is an adventure serving the Lord, and each day I believe He is preparing us for the work He has created us for. GOD BLESS YOU AND GRANT YOU THE WISDOM AND WORDS to make known His Name among the Ik people. Till I see you Someday (on that Glorious Day :) Take Care,
Victoria Lawrence