Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Celebratory Goat

Before we were due to leave for our Christmas holiday in south Uganda, our employees approached us and asked if we would donate a goat for them to eat on Christmas day. It is a popular tradition for people to eat meat on Christmas day and the meat of choice in Kaabong is almost always goat. We talked with our compound neighbors (MedAir) about this request and decided that we would throw a party for the employees before Christmas so we could enjoy the goat roast together. So, on December 13th, we purchased our goat for 32,000 Ugandan shillings (it equates to about $16). Our day guard, Nguran, spent most of the morning slaughtering and preparing the goat for roasting. I volunteered to provide some seasonings & oil for him to marinate the meat in. He also cleaned out the intestines of the goat and boiled them as a special delicacy for the employees. The muzungus (white people) in the group did not participate in devouring this delicacy. Besides the goat, we were providing chips (french fries), stromboli, carrot cake, and cokes. The party was supposed to start at 3pm, but in true African tradition, we started at 4pm. Everyone gathered around our portico and there was a period of awkward silence before Terrill said some words of gratitude for the service they'd provided us the past six months. Next, the Project Manager of the MedAir team stood and said a few words along the same lines. After a prayer, the food was passed out and eaten in a contented silence. At least I hope it was contented, although it might have been more awkwardness. After the food was eaten and the hands were washed (everyone was eating with their fingers), most of the employees headed over to the MedAir compound to lift weights and admire those that could show-off while lifting weights. Terrill & I headed back to the kitchen where a mound of dishes stood. I must admit that goat fat was the most disgusting thing I think I've ever had to wash off dishes. The night ended with my feet up and a book in my face.

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Jennie said...

wow - sorry you didn't have help with the dishes...I would have been there for you! :) MIss you!