Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bird’s Eye-View

This week I hiked to another nearby hill called Keepak. I was accompanied by friends Aleu Peter, Loido J.B., and Nguran Mickey. These hikes are not only fun, but they provide a good chance to be immersed in the language and to learn the geography of the area. Now when someone mentions the name of such-and-such a village or landmark, I can picture it in my mind. However, I’m not sure my friends really understand my zeal for hill climbing. On the way to Keepak, one of them suggested that Karamoja trade its hills for America’s water. I told him America has hills and they have water (though it’s often difficult to access). Anyway, in one picture you can see Kaabong Town in the valley. In another, you see me clinging desperately to a rock on the edge of a precipice (I’ve signaled the raven who is swooping in to rescue me)…and in the third, my companions silhouetted in one of Karamoja’s many geological idiosyncrasies.

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