Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do you have a pill for this?

Most every day, I see people at our compound with first aid needs. They come with headaches, coughs, scratches, and fungal infections....but sometimes they also show up with other interesting maladies. This poor lady said the mass grew on her neck overnight. She said she's had it before and 'squeezed the juices out' to make it go away. I don't even want to know. I told her to go to the hospital because this was way beyond a first aid need, but I think she decided to go home and squeeze some more. Our neighbors don't like walking the three miles into town to wait hours to be seen at the hospital. In the end, most are given malaria medicine whether they have malaria or not. I've done a lot of education with our neighbors about what is and what isn't malaria. Many of them truly believe that a simple headache means they've gotten malaria. Sometimes they just have a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, cold/sinus medicines are not popular in a place like this and people take malaria medicine instead. I'm glad to have the opportunity to explain things to people when they come to visit me. In Kaabong, we have nothing but time and talking is encouraged.


ikpeople said...

Could it have been lanced? I (Sally) am not going to whine about an ordinary zit ever again. Our friends, the Reissers, just returned from a medical mission to Uganda, where they faced surprising conditions daily. You're in our prayers for wisdom and a strong stomach.
Rich and Sally

dougandlisaj said...

hmmm, maybe a branchial cleft cyst or some other form of congenital (potential)cyst? It doesn't really look infected from your excellent photo. Do you know what comes out of it when she squeezes? Maybe you could stick a needle in to see? Still, a daunting-looking problem!
Lisa J