Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last weekend was really quiet because the people didn't know we were back yet. Then Monday morning arrived, and we had visitors lining up to talk with us and beg for 'things' (clothes, food, medicines). Now normally, we don't just give 'things' out for free (besides medicine) but I made an exception this week for a couple of children. I only had a couple pairs of kids shoes to give out and they all went to the children with chiggers. Don't proceed with this blog if you're the queasy type. Chiggers start out as sand fleas that dig into the skin of hands and feet (sometimes under nails); to get them out, one has to dig with a needle under an egg sack and carefully pull them out, leaving a gaping hole in the foot. The chigger looks like a baby tooth and is actually about that size. The children must wear shoes in order to prevent getting chiggers, but most Karamojong children have never owned a pair of shoes.

It was also interesting to note the kids' taste in shoes. Most of the boys went straight for the sneakers, but one brave boy chose a pair of sparkly pink gummy shoes with heels. He was also proud to show them off on his feet. He's on the right.


J&H said...

Hey guys,
Happy Anniversary. Sorry it is late but we hope you have enjoyed a wonderful 3 years of marriage together.
We love and miss you both.

Justin and Hannah

Chad said...

Ahhhh. I think we forgot it as well. Wait, I know we did. Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Chad said...

PS, the chiggers were gross, too.

Jan said...

I would have to agree with Chad. . the chiggers are gross and look quite painful!! Quite different from the chigger bites I've seen.. those were just big, red, and VERY itchy :).