Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just over the hill

One thing I had taken for granted in the U.S. was the opportunity to travel and how easy it’s become. When talking to folks in Kaabong, we’ve learned that many of them haven’t left the area their whole life. Lately, we’ve started taking our employees and friends with us when visiting the Ik about 20 miles away. They are shocked and amazed to see how different the landscape and people are just 20 miles north of them. Our friends, Loido John Bosco and Adupa Kristin, had never been this far north. They visited a place called Kamion with us and were eager to see the escarpment that separates Uganda from Kenya. Please pray for the people of Kamion, as they’ve just been attacked this week and two Ik men were shot. We hurt for the vulnerability of these people.


Martha Schmidt said...

Please greet Bosco for us! He's grown up so much. We miss our many friends there. Bosco was always so cute..and little...and shy!....and always faithful to church activities.

The Reeds said...

Kristin!!!! I'm glad you took her to Kamion. She's a great buddy to take anywhere. Tell her she looks beautiful as always. I am missing her greatly...:( Miss you guys too. Wish we could watch Miss Marple NOW NOW.
Much love,

nshrock said...

I can't imagine never being 20 miles away from home. There are people who've probably never been as far away from home as I drive to work every day. How odd does that seem?