Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Advertising

Yesterday we had an old man, a village elder, come for a visit (as he is prone to do on a daily basis). He was wearing a water/sanitation shirt representing a local NGO in the area (MedAir). He told us to give him an SIL shirt so he could represent us as well. We didn’t have any formal SIL shirts to give him, but Terrill found something else in the closet. This shirt was from a summer session at an SIL school in Oregon. The man walked away proudly.


Martha Schmidt said...

This old man is Isaiah! He is father to Marko...the guard. He's always up to something! And he's a good Karamajong...because he's a good beggar!! He was always at church or at my house begging chai! You just have to love him! Please greet him for us.

The Reeds said...

Oh Nakuam and TeLLiR- You are SOOO funny! You bring me chai. Charge my pone. Beef me with credit.

This is hillarious! Free advertising! and what advertising it is! Isaya never sits still... Everyone will see SIL before long. Gotta love him!

You tell him Nakiru and Yakobo are greeting him NOI and give him an extra spoonful of sugar.