Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Gift of Life

With all the senseless killing that we hear about in Kaabong, it's exciting to hear about new life, even if it is over the internet. I want to introduce everyone to Cristian Samuel Gingerich, my new nephew, born to Josh & Amanda Gingerich.


The Reeds said...

Congratulations aunt and uncle!! Hope you had a fun 4th with Blenda and Licky. We tried to get through and couldn't.. we kept getting an "American" busy signal? As for the week before.. I couldn't find your (OUR OLD!) number- while we were moving.... But now we're settled... the future looks brighter.

nshrock said...

Grandma and grandpa were down in FL two weeks ago and grandma was so happy about seeing Christian and the rest of the family. She said he is a very good baby and doesn't cry a lot. I'd like to go down sometime soon and see him, but I don't know if work will let me. Here's to hoping.

Jan said...

congrats on the new nephew. . .he looks like a cutie!! BTW, our #3 is a girl!! Blake said, "Momma, I think its awful". Hhhhmmm, hopefully he'll change his tune before baby sis arrives.