Sunday, July 27, 2008

From Kampala to Kaabong

Greetings from Kaabong once again. Sorry we haven't written in awhile. We've been spending a relaxing month in Entebbe/Kampala. Much of our time was spent in collecting supplies (food and other randomness), putting on some weight (Terrill especially enjoyed this activity), and spending time with friends. We spent the fourth of July at an American missionaries' house where we barbequed and talked of our former lives. We also traveled to Kenya for a week to an annual conference put on by SIL. I was privileged to fly with a pregnant friend, while poor Terrill had to suffer a bus ride. His ride included 55 hours of bumpy roads and beautiful scenery. I don't think he regrets it, but he might choose to fly with me next time. Our time in Kenya was spent on the eastern coast in a town called Malindi. We enjoyed the refreshing ocean breezes and getting to meet new friends who live in different places across East Africa. Upon returning to Uganda, we had one more week of business in Kampala before heading north to Kaabong.

During that week, we visited the Teen Missions compound in Jinja, Uganda. We were staying in Kampala and traveled the 2 hours by 'taxi' aka minibus to see Terrill's cousin Jennifer. She is serving with a Teen Missions summer team. She is the first family we've seen in six months and it was nice to see a familiar face. Relationships are something that I'm learning not to take for granted. People come into my life quickly these days and some leave just as quickly. It can really mess with one's emotions if we're not careful. I thank God for the communication we can have with friends and family back home. It's a lifesaver some days.

I thought this was another interesting picture. If you've ever wondered where pineapples come from, I saw it with my own eyes just this week.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Gift of Life

With all the senseless killing that we hear about in Kaabong, it's exciting to hear about new life, even if it is over the internet. I want to introduce everyone to Cristian Samuel Gingerich, my new nephew, born to Josh & Amanda Gingerich.