Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rainy Season

The rains have come to Kaabong with a vengeance...but they say it's too late to produce a good harvest.

Our driveway during an akaale...'flood'
Where our bridge 'used to be'...Hey, the Grand Canyon and Rift Valley had to start somewhere...


rln said...

Awesome blog; great photos. Look forward to your upcoming translation, "Noah and the Akaale"!

Jan said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I drop in and read your blog :). Your (Terrill's) mom suggested that a comment would be good. . this was discussed over mounds of sweet corn(remember corn day?). Well, I gotta run and get myself presentable. . I have an u\s this am to see what baby #3 is and I'm sure they would appreciate me not showing up in my pajamas :). Just wanted to let you know that I stop in :). Have a great week!!! Jan

nshrock said...

When it rains hard here it washes out the end of my driveway and then I have to shovel gravel to fill it all back in. I complain a lot to myself as I'm doing this work, and it just happened about a week ago.

Now here I am looking at pictures of your driveway and am thankful for the fact that I just have gravel that needs shoveling.

God Bless you guys.

Nakiru said...

Hi Terrill and Amber. Thanks for the blogs. It sure keeps me connected with Kaabong. RU guys living in 'our' house or the 'pierce' house? Aren't you glad you have a place to stay? We started out in tents there!
The rainy season is wild and furious! At least you don't have to pump water from the well!
Bruce used to have workers constantly fixing the 'driveway' to the houses.
Please tell me who was hurt in the latest shootings.
God bless you in His work among the Ik!
Martha Schmidt (Nakiru)
PS Greet all my friends there.
I'll be checking in here often!

Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

rln, we're glad to know you're in our audience! Welcome.

Jan, congrats on baby #3...y'all are going to have to slow down so we can keep track of who's who.:) We sure wish we could have some of that sweet corn. Thanks for reading the blog and letting us know that you do. It provides motivation to keep posting! Say hi to Brent for us.

Nick, I guess drive-way erosion is all relative...for now we aren't shovelling. Instead we just make a new path when the current one washes away too much. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Nakiru, what a pleasant surprise to have you visit our blog. Thanks for stopping by. I believe we are living in your previous house (mansion) on the compound. We do so enjoy it. We will 'greet' everyone for you and Bruce.:)

Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

Nakiru, since we are new, we really don't know who the people were that got shot. They were relatives of Isaya's; some lived across the road from the Baptist church.

Terrill and Amber Schrock said...
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