Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Fork in Communication

Every morning I have a little chat with our night-watchman about the night that has just passed. Often a major part of their account is the various things that our dog, Buddy, had barked at. One morning last week, both night-watchmen excitedly began explaining to me that Buddy had been barking at a ‘fork’. A fork? I expressed my doubt over Buddy’s barking at a fork and began to say the word out loud repeatedly, letting it roll around in my mouth so I could discern which other English word they must be mispronouncing.

No, it was a ‘fork’, they insisted. So, I told them to write the word in the dirt. One night-watchman scrawled in the dust: F-O-R-K. Yep, that’s ‘fork’. I told them I think you mean ‘fox’, and I wrote F-O-X. Then the light came on. Yes, it was a ‘fox’ Buddy had been barking at. What a relief. I would have had a hard time picturing our intrepid guard-dog getting riled up over a piece of tableware inadvertently caught in our chain-link fence. I knew he was a good guard-dog, but barking at forks would have been cause for some concern.


Nakiru said...

Who is your night guard?

So funny!
Fearless Buddy is Super Dog!

At least your guard woke up when Buddy barked. Our guards usually slept through everything!
Martha Schmidt

Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

Our new night are guards Kubal Joseph, Ngorok Paul, and Aleu Peter. I believe they are all young enough to have been schoolboys when you and Bruce were here.

Buddy is fearless, and how we love him! Now that we're in Entebbe, we really miss him. Just before we came down, we had to remove over 20 mango worms from his underside. Poor guy, we was soooo itchy! We are going to try to look for another dog to keep him company.

nshrock said...

If you do get another dog you should name it Forky in remembrance of this story.